Early payment discount

Pay full fees for the forthcoming school year before 30th April and receive 8% discount on tuition fees. 

Referral discounts

Earn up to a full 100% discount on your child's annual tuition fees when you refer new students to the school.

You will receive 10% discount on the annual tuition fees for your child for each new student you formally refer to the school subject to the following conditions:

  • Student must be a new student and not a returning former student, nor a sibling of an existing student.
  • Student must enroll for a second semester and must be fully paid up with no arrears on the second Monday of that second semester.
  • Your referral must be formally recorded - send an advance letter of introduction to the school - or email the introduction to pillarsofgodacademy101@gmail.com or student.referral@pogabacoor.org.
  • Your discount will be calculated and applied on the fourth Monday of the second semester.
  • If necessary you will receive a refund on your child's tuition fees.

Sibling discounts

Sibling discounts are available to students who have an older sibling currently attending the school. No discount is available for the oldest student from the family. 

Discount on tuition fees for the second and third student from the family to join the school will be applied at a rate of 5% (five percent). 

If you have more than three students in school at the same time, please submit a request for special consideration to the school Board through the school office.

Honor student discount

Students who earn Honors in any Grade will be allocated a discount of for the following academic year tuition fees.


8% for First Honors

6% for Second Honors

4% for Third Honors

New students who have an Honors certificate from their previous school will be afforded the same discount.